Welcome to my food odyseey to India. Exactly three weeks ago I arrived here in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I thought a long time if I actually should write a blog in English. I got a little bit intimidated about my English knowledge and fluency here at the volunteers office for journalism. Everyone seems to be much better and I can hardly write my own article. It takes ages to sometimes look up the proper word which just comes to my mind in German. I try to write sentence by sentence and than somehow put it all together in paragraphs. Not really my typical writing style in German language. And finally I need a synonym dictionary to change the words, especially common ones like ‘get’ or ‘make’ or ‘do’. I need to impress at least a little bit.

But I still would love to tell you about my experience here in India. I already have a blog in German, so I’m not writing everything twice. So I thought about sharing my food experiences with you. Food is essential, we eat (I do…) three times a day, so there must be lots to share and talk about. I start with typical food from Southern India, Tami Nadu.

I actually expected the food to be different. We probably all know Tandoori chicken or Alu Gobi or Palak Paneer or Nani bread. Well, that’s all from the north! If I want to get that kind of food I need to go to the restaurant. At my host family’s house it’s mostly all about rice. I thought I love it, but after a while you can get even a little bit sick of all that rice. Don’t get me wrong, the food is tasty, but it’s just A LOT of rice. Other than in the north they really concentrate on rice while ‘up there’ they consume much more bread like naan or chapati or paratha.

So have a loot at what I usually get:


Typical dinner at my host family’s house. All kinds of rice (lentils rice and white rice) and chutneys. I can only tell you that the white chutney is made of onions. Yummie!


Typical breakfast in Tamil Nadu. The white stuff is Idli, it’s made of rice and a little bit like a cake (or in my opinion kind of a sponge). It comes with chutney (here coconut) and on this plate you also find kind of a omelet made of lentils


So this is cotton milk, I actually had to look it up in the internet. It’s consistency is like soup, but it tastes like milk with some spicy ingredients. So even looking it up in the internet didn’t really help. I just read ‘fatty acids’ and that scares me đŸ™‚